Awesome Mittens

Awesome Mitten in progress

Awesome is a word that was heavily used in my youth in my native Massachusetts. I use it more sparingly now, and only when something is truly worthy of the adjective. Awesome Mittens are the warmest, stretchiest mittens I have ever made, and they are knit using only one color per row! Awesome, right? I’ve used some scrap yarn I had from other projects, but if you are buying new, you will need the following.

Materials: I used 2 Miss Babs DK yarns and 1 undyed because her colorways are so yummy. Get creative with your color mix!

3 skeins (1 each color) DK Merino in color A, B and C

2 short circular needles US size 4

Cast on 40 stitches in color A and divide onto 2 pairs of circular needles. Join without twisting and K2P2 rib for 25 rounds.

Switch to main color B and knit one round increasing to 52 stitches (6 stitches increased on each needle).

Round 2: join contrast color C and (K1, pass 1) for entire round.

Round 3: knit all stitches in main color B. 

Round 4: in contrast color C, (pass 1 K1) repeat for round.

Round 5: knit all stitches in main color B.

Repeat rounds 2-5 for body of mitten, inserting thumb gusset in round 5.

Round 5 insert thumb gusset by adding 1 stitch either side of final stitch on first needle. Place markers at beginning and end of added stitches. Then every other row (color B), add a stitch each side of gusset (after 1st marker and just before 2nd marker). When gusset contains 17 stitches, move those stitches to a holder. My gusset ended up going Brioche-style as I worked the increases. I liked the “mistake”, so I’ll call it intentional.

Continue main body until it reaches the top of your pinky finger (6″ for me) ending with an even row.

Begin decrease rounds as follows: Every odd row (main color) K1, K2 tog, K to last 3 stitches on needle, ssk, K1. Repeat on 2nd needle. 4 stitches decreased on round. Repeat every odd round (every main color round) 3 x until 20 stitches remain on each needle. Next main color row, K1, K2 tog, K2 tog, K to last 5 stitches, ssk, ssk, K1, then repeat on 2nd needle. Repeat every odd row until 6 stitches remain on each needle. Turn inside out and bind off by knitting 1 stitch from each needle together and then passing over the next stitch, closing mitten top. Weave in end.

Place thumb stitches from holder back on to 2 needles evenly divided and pick up one stitch where thumb meets main body of mitten, closing gap, 9 stitches on each needle. Continue in pattern until desired length (2″ for me), ending with an even row, then k2 together for one round, repeat once in main color, draw yarn through and pull to tighten. Weave end in inside mitten

Make a 2nd mitten and run outside and play! Your hands will be quite warm.

Completed pair!